The price for one of the bitcoin competitors, called Bitcoin Cash, fallen back to $600 after the historical maximum of $970 of this weekend. Bitcoin’s cost also rolled down.

At the American Bitfinex exchange, by 15:41 GMT bitcoin cash was trading at $615.00, losing about 13.52% or $95.7 per day.

The Saturday’s rate for bitcoin cash was $935.5, and that was its highest value for three-weeks existence. Starting with $210 on its first day, the Saturday’s rate was almost 400% higher.

The bitcoin cash became appreciated and its value increased after the approval that it can support higher transaction performance than planned while the currency was created.

Now the Bitcoin Cash is the third largest crypto-currency in the world, with $10 billion capital.

Today’s Bitcoin price decreased: at the moment of the trades start the Bitcoin was traded at $4,066.3 then fell to minimum $3956.4, and later a bit increased again to $4049.8.

On August 17, the historical maximum of bitcoin $4489.1 was recorded, after that its price again decreased. At the moment, the market capitalization of bitcoin is near $67 billion.

The second largest crypto currency, ETH, gained 11.5% to $329.8, while the XRP fell by 2.51% to $0.15.

То, что здесь, не может быть в то же время и где угодно, ибо конечное сообразуется с местом.

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