Eric Berg

I am a Berlin-based trader with over a decade experience in the field. After working for Deutsche Bank for three years, I realized that in order to make substantial returns and achieve invariable financial independence, I needed to trade at the top level of the food chain, where the banks themselves traded – the trading exchange.

Having lost 30% of my personal assets within the first two years as a trader, I was utterly devastated. I knew I had to reevaluate my strategy and stopped trading all together full year, I moved to a new apartment close to the Berlin center and bought my father his dream car as a birthday present.


However, I grasped that getting too content with a winning strategy could result in stagnation at best, or worse, shrinkage. I was not about to tolerate neither. After years of trying to find ways to maximize my strategy, I developed not only an investment approach, but a philosophical way to life that puts synergy of a team of investors as the centerpiece ensuring that each teammate could earn much more than they otherwise would individually. Eventually, I branched out to teaching external traders, as well.

People ask me all the time why I enjoy educating and leading a group of investors as opposed to working alone. I answer with the following three points:

  1. As mentioned above, this synergistic approach results in higher returns;
  2. After having achieved financial success, I found that making more and more money was not truly fulfilling until I could find a way to pay it forward and share the knowledge and expertize I had gained over the years;
  3. Soon after I began coaching, I started feeling a passion for teaching so great, it rivaled my passion for trade.